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The Casselman Chronicle covers the history of the Casselman River Valley of Somerset County, Pennsylvania; Garrett County, Maryland; and nearby areas. It is the official publication of the Springs Historical Society of Springs, Pennsylvania. This online index of Casselman Chronicle spans the volumes that were published between 1961 and 2015 (Volume 1, Number 1 through Volume LV, Number 2). The index for 1961 through 2007 was compiled by Beth Page.

The index for 2008 through 2010 was written by Judith McConville and Pilar Wyman as a pro bono project of the Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter of the American Society for Indexing. Judith McConville wrote the 2011-2017 index.
Wanda Meck added additions to the 1961-2017 index.

How to Use the Online Index

A reader can either search for a term using the free text area or the index can be browsed by Topic using the alphabet buttons.

Names and subjects are listed alphabetically with descriptive subheading followed by reference locators directing the reader to a particular issue. (Please be aware that this is not an every-name index.) Reference locators provide the year issued, the volume number for that year and the page number. For example, a locator expressed as

2007 no. 2:24

will guide the reader to page 24 in volume 2 published in 2007.

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Queer, Ruth2008 no. 2:42
quilling2008 no. 1:43
quilt stamps2008 no. 1:31
quilting1980 no. 1 & 2:1
quiltingAlbum quilt2008 no. 1:28
quiltingBarn Raising quilt2008 no. 1:29
quiltingBible story quilts2008 no. 1:30
quiltingCrazy Patch quilt2008 no. 1:29-2008 no. 1:30
quiltingdated quilts from Bedford, PA1966 no. 1 & 2:19
quiltingfeed bags / feed sacks quilts2008 no. 1:30
quiltingFestival demonstrators2008 no. 1:27
quiltingFriendship quilts2008 no. 1:28
quiltingFriendship quilts2008 no. 1:31
quiltingLog Cabin quilt2008 no. 1:28-2008 no. 1:29
quiltingMemory quilt2008 no. 1:30
quiltingmuseum quilts2008 no. 1:33
quiltingPresentation quilt2008 no. 1:28
quiltingquilt of Kate Miller2000 no. 1:46
quiltingquilts2008 no. 1:28-2008 no. 1:32
quiltingby Sarah King1970 no. 1 & 2:20
quiltingSignature quilt2008 no. 1:28
quiltingSisters Aid Society2003 no. 1:22-2003 no. 1:23
quiltingSprings Folk Festival quilters2008 no. 1:26
quiltingSprings Historical Society documentation and show1995 no. 1:27
quiltingStraight Furrows quilt2008 no. 1:29
quiltingStreak of Lightning quilt2008 no. 1:29
quiltingSunshine and Shadow quilt2008 no. 1:29
quiltingTurkey Tracks quilt2008 no. 1:28
quiltingVintage Moments quilt2008 no. 1:28
quiltingWandering Star quilt2008 no. 1:28
quiltingWindmill Blades quilt2008 no. 1:29
quilting bees2008 no. 1:31
quiltsAntique Quilt Show quilt (photos)1995 no. 1:25-1995 no. 1:26
quiltsbroken-star quilt by Mary Livengood2011 no. 1:13-2011 no. 1:14
quiltsfriendship quilt (1897) (photo)2000 no. 2:10
quiltspaper quilt art by Lisa Kardel2011 no. 2:32
quiltsquilt show during Summerfest2011 no. 2:29
quiltsquilt show during Summerfest2011 no. 2:40-2011 no. 2:41