Springs Historical Society

Programs will be located in the Folk Meeting House located at 1711 Springs Road, Springs, PA 15562 unless otherwise indicated.

Marketing the Presidency
04/29, 7:30pm
Speaker: Steve Mihaly

Collector Steve Mihaly is offering a different look through his presentation which features a quirky view of campaigns - a light, whimsical presentation that shows how political candidates have marketed themselves to the public.  Including:  FDR (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt) came out with stove covers - place it over the burner and his face glows. The oldest piece in his collection is a President James Monroe snuff box that is engraved, “America for Americans: Support the Monroe Doctrine”. 

Maple Industry Antiques and Stories
05/20, 7:30pm
Speaker: Rich Yoder & Jason Blocher
Learn how the early farmers processed maple syrup and view early equipment.

Guided Nature Walk
06/01, 10:00am
Speaker: Tanya Bucci
Walk the Alta E. Schrock Nature Trail with plant expert.

Red Oak Run Bluegrass Group
06/24, 7:30pm
The Red Oak Run Bluegrass Group will provide an entertaining evening of music.

Addison Historical Society Re-enactors
09/23, 7:30pm
Live performances of local historical events by Addison Hist. Society.

Songs & Stories of the American Hobo
10/28, 7:30pm
Speaker: Matthew Dodd
Dodd presents through song and stories the life of the hobo.

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