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Springs Historical Society
PO Box 62
Springs, PA 15562

Margaret Hostetler 814-233-4721 or Margarethostetler@hotmail.com
Jacquie Brenneman 814-701-6100 Kelcal12@gmail.com

Jessica Spiker 813-233-8737 or Jessica.spiker@gmail.com

Clinton Bradley 301-387-8170 or csbivcpa@gmail.com

Harriet Berg (814) 442-4594 or daheberg2@aol.com

Casselman Chronicles
Ordering Information:
(814) 442-4594 or daheberg2@aol.com
Editorial contact: Janet Bender, send email to vbender@mail.gcnet.net

Springs Folk Festival
PO Box 293
Springs, PA 15562
Publicity: (814) 442-4594 or daheberg2@aol.com
on Festival Days: 814) 662-2625
Crafters: Go to Crafters' Information: for details or email folkfestivalcrafts@comcast.net
Musical Performers: Angela Piwonka 814-279-7505 Group Information Val Fritz vfritz24@gmail.com or 301-268-4036
Folk Festival Chairman Jessica Spiker - jessica.spiker@gmail.com or 814-233-8737

Farmers' Market
Jim Green (240) 310-2086

Springs Museum
During business hours 814-662-2625, after hours Richard Yoder 814-634-1489

David Yoder 817-229-0185 or Daveyoder@verizon.net

The official registration and financial information of the Springs Historical Society of the Casselman Valley may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsements.

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