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Casselman Chronicle

A collection of Journals published each year since 1961, the Casselman Chronicle, relates the stories and history of the people, places, and events of the Casselman Valley. The Casselman Valley consists of southern Somerset County, PA and northern Garrett County, MD.

An exciting resource for genealogists and historians alike!

All back issues are available.

Also available free online is a Fifty-Nine Year Index (1961 - 2019) listing names, places, and events covered in the journals. An updated Index for issues from 1961 – 2020 will be available free online in the future.

Casselman Chronicle
Single issue 1961 - 2017 - $6.00 ea.; Issues published after 2017 - $9.00 ea (two issues in one)
Bound volumes are available as well as a complete nine-volume set from 1961 - 2020. Books may be bought separately or you may have your own issues bound. Refer to order form for more information.

A Fifty-Five Year Index, printed, is still available. A Sixty-Year Index will hopefully be published soon - watch for updates. Refer to order form for more information.

* All prices subject to change.

Membership to the Springs Historical Society includes the annual "Casselman Chronicle".