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Museum Hours – Saturdays 9-3, May 25-September 21, 2024
or Call 814-634-1489 for an appointment.

The purpose of the Spring Museum Collections is to collect, preserve, and make accessible artifacts and images of enduring value to document the history of the Casselman River Valley.

The Springs Museum contains amazing natural history and historical collections from the 18th c. to the 1980s representing all aspects of life within the Casselman Valley (Northern Garrett County, MD and Southern Somerset County, PA). Thanks go out to past curators Ruth Oester, Eileen Mort, and Rich Yoder. Each one has maintained the institution and told the stories for visitors from all over the world to learn about our history.

Permanent exhibits showcase homelife, working trades, and public life with church, school, and store. The Folk Addition includes farm equipment, Conestoga wagon, coal mining tools and much more. Toy and clothing collections are exhibited upstairs and a textile building displays spinning wheels and looms.

New exhibits and programs are currently in the works. A Pennsylvania and Historical Museum Commission Historical Archive and Records Care (HARC) Grant was awarded in 2022. Photographs and documents are in the process of being catalogued and scanned. Check out our Calendar and Facebook page for updates.

Physical Address
  • 1711 Springs Road
    Springs, PA 15562
  • Curator
  • Beth Page
  • Museum during open hours
  • (814) 662-2625
  • Scheduled Tours
  • Richard Yoder (814) 634-1489