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Museum Virtual Guided Walkthrough

Production was made possible due to a grant received from the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020

Pennsylvania Humanities Council
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

#1 – Springs Museum – Rich Yoder, Curator; Windmill; Joel B. Miller Display Cases

#2 – Springs Museum – CC Camp; Mount Davis Dedication 1921; Hostetler Massacre

#3 – Springs Museum – Pioneer Kitchen, Johnson Spinning Wheel, Eichorn Cupboard (featured on Mr. Rogers TV program)

#4 – Springs Museum – Sitting Room, Sam Compton toy

#5 – Springs Museum – Founder Alta B. Schrock Room

#6 – Springs Museum – Coopering Room, Col. Johnson items

#7 - Springs Museum - Buttery, Scullery, Nancy Hanks item

#8 - Springs Museum - Bee Hive, Gideon Miller Traction Engine blue prints, Black brothers pottery

#9 – Springs Museum – Church, Union Church, Springs Mennonite Church, Salisbury Reformed Church; Harry Gelnett Wooden arm/hand

#10 - Springs Museum - School Room, Springs PA, Rockwood; Springs Post Office; F.W. Bender Store

#11 - Springs Museum - Springs Telephone Co.; Trains; Jennings Spur RR; Ben Miller spinning wheel; Nancy Hanks Reel

#12 – Springs Museum – Chautauqua Performances, Salisbury; Local Sports including Meyersdale, Berlin, Springs, Shanksville, Salisbury; Martyrs Mirror

#13 – Springs Museum – Military Case, Company C, Civil War Letters, WWII, Harry Beal 1st Navy Seal; Vietnam; Joe Bender

#14 – Springs Museum – Gord Oester; Early Toys

#15 – Springs Museum - Folk Equipment Annex; 20th Century Engines; Firl Conestoga 1822 Wagon

#16 - Springs Museum - Beachy Garden Tractors; Farm Tools; Threshing Machine; Indian Arrowheads; Casselman Chronicles

#17 - Springs Museum - Remkee Model Engines

#18 – Springs Museum – Miller Mining Machines, Miller Spinning Wheels, Scutching Corner, Weaving Loom, Coal Exhibit

#19 - Springs Museum – Rich Yoder, Curator, Folk Meeting House 1878; Harriet Berg, Springs Historical Society Board Member, Journals, Website, Program Information