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The Casselman Chronicle covers the history of the Casselman River Valley of Somerset County, Pennsylvania; Garrett County, Maryland; and nearby areas. It is the official publication of the Springs Historical Society of Springs, Pennsylvania. This online index of Casselman Chronicle spans the volumes that were published between 1961 and 2015 (Volume 1, Number 1 through Volume LV, Number 2). The index for 1961 through 2007 was compiled by Beth Page.

The index for 2008 through 2010 was written by Judith McConville and Pilar Wyman as a pro bono project of the Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter of the American Society for Indexing. Judith McConville wrote the 2011-2015 index.

How to Use the Online Index

A reader can either search for a term using the free text area or the index can be browsed by Topic using the alphabet buttons.

Names and subjects are listed alphabetically with descriptive subheading followed by reference locators directing the reader to a particular issue. (Please be aware that this is not an every-name index.) Reference locators provide the year issued, the volume number for that year and the page number. For example, a locator expressed as

2007 no. 2:24

will guide the reader to page 24 in volume 2 published in 2007.

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U.S. Air Forceservice of Glen Moser2014 no. 2:19
U.S. Army see also Civil War
U.S. Army see also Spanish American War
U.S. Army see also War of 1812
U.S. Army11th Pennsylvania Regiment2010 no. 1:8
U.S. Army171st Pennsylvania Drafted Militia2010 no. 1:6
U.S. ArmyBattle of Little Big Horn2010 no. 1:4
U.S. ArmyEmanual Custer, III (Private)2010 no. 1:11
U.S. ArmyEmanuel Custer, soldier2010 no. 1:7
U.S. ArmyEmanuel Custer, soldier2010 no. 1:8
U.S. ArmyGeorge Armstrong "Autie" Custer (General)2010 no. 1:4
U.S. ArmyMichael Custer (Private)2010 no. 1:9
U.S. Armyservice of Jack Mort2011 no. 1:18
U.S. ArmySolomon Adam Custer, soldier2010 no. 1:6
U.S. Patent and Trade Office (PTO) 2008 no. 2:12
Uhl, Anna (Mrs. Heinrich Lindeman) see Lindeman, Anna
Unamis, PA 1987 no. 1 & 2:22
Unamis, PAcommunity1982 no. 1 & 2:25
Unamis, PAschool1982 no. 1 & 2:26
Unamis, PAvillage and springs1982 no. 1 & 2:27
Underground Railroad 1962 no. 2 & 3:15-16
Underground Railroad 2008 no. 1:29
Underwood, Patricia 2008 no. 2:42
Union Armyservice of Jacob Stevens2011 no. 1:11
Union cemetery (Somerset County, PA) 2008 no. 2:30
United Church of Christ (Salisbury, PA)photo of2012 no. 2:44
United States Postal Systemquilt stamps2008 no. 1:31
Uphold, Anna Maria "Nancy" (Mrs. Conrad Hetrick) see Hetrick, Anna Maria "Nancy"
Uphold, Charles 1981 no. 1 & 2:14
Uphold, Nancy E. (Nicholson) 1981 no. 1 & 2:14
Uphole see also Uphold
Uphole, Thomasburial record2012 no. 1:48
Upole, Ida (Shumaker) 1979 no. 3 & 4:22
Upole, Truman 1979 no. 3 & 4:22
Upper Casselman River Valley (map) 2010 no. 1:30
Upper Springs Cemeteryburial records2012 no. 1:43-48
Upper Springs Roadphoto of2012 no. 1:4
Uppold see also Uphold
Ursina cemetery (Somerset County, PA) 2008 no. 2:30